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James recently sat down with broadcaster and Beatles fiend, Paul Romanuk to discuss the often overlooked Yellow Submarine album. Check out part one and two of their conversation at the always fab The Walrus Was Paul podcast.


Friday August 18th! The new single, A Kinder You as landed. Head on over to the JCI Bandcamp page to purchase it for your very own. Also available for streaming and sharing (sharing is nice) at all of yer favourite digital music platforms. Oh, and it was produced by our pal, Moe Berg (TPOH).


We all live in a yellow podmarine

NEW ALBUM! - November 10 2023!

“James Clark is back with a new collection of catchy and lyrically challenging tunes. Under The Lampshade has James growing stylistically while still keeping to the core values of intelligent pop craftsmanship that we have all come to associate with him. May I be so bold as to say this is his finest batch of songs yet?”

-Moe Berg, Producer

There is something to be said about classic old school craftsmanship.  When rock and pop records were made in the sixties the formula was simple: Go to an actual recording studio, have your band play instruments, cut ten songs, divide between Side A and SIde B (or in the case of “Under The  Lampshade” Overside and Underside), thoughtfully sequence, design an album cover (complete with gatefold), press vinyl, send to radio and play live.

For many the times have changed but for The James Clark Institute making an actual album is a timeless process.  “Under The Lampshade” is a thoroughly modern throwback album produced with care from longtime studio collaborator Moe Berg (The Pursuit Of Happiness/Trans-Canada Highwaymen). From the rousing album opener “Hit Hollywood” to the last chords of “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” this record is as relevant today as it would have been in 1966. Ten songs clocking in anywhere between 2:51 and 4:20. 

Following the success of their last album "The Colour Of Happy" the new album will continue in the same direction as his fans hope. "Under The Lampshade" is the foolproof follow-up to 2021's 'The Colour Of Happy'” says the Canadian band leader James Clark. “The record largely has the same amount of happy, hooky melodies disguising bittersweet and impassioned lyrics. But there is also a progression in the JCI sound as we used a string quartet on two songs."

Set aside about 35 minutes, have an uninterrupted  listen and remember when pop music was pop music.  “Under The Lampshade” - Available on all streaming services, and of course gatefold vinyl November 10, 2023.


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