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NEW ALBUM! - November 10 2023!

“James Clark is back with a new collection of catchy and lyrically challenging tunes. Under The Lampshade has James growing stylistically while still keeping to the core values of intelligent pop craftsmanship that we have all come to associate with him. May I be so bold as to say this is his finest batch of songs yet?”

-Moe Berg, Producer


For the week of December 25th, 2023 the latest single, "Whatever O'Clock In The Morning" is sitting at number 3 on the UK's Music Expo Radio chart. Ho Ho Holy cow!


It feels real nice to kick off a new year with your latest single sitting at number 1 in New York. Thank you to Sole Of Indie and to Radio Candy Media who are responsible for creating this incredible feeling for us.

SHINDIG REVIEW - December 2023 issue.

"Under The Lampshade" has received a 4 star review from Ben Graham in the December 2023 issue of the UK's music magazine, Shindig. Not only does it read like Mr. Graham not only actually listened to the album BUT also got exactly where The JCI is coming from.


The JCI have gone international with the first 2 singles from the new album, "Under The Lampshade" poppin' up on radio airwaves EVERYWHERE! Big thanks to Radio Candy Media for helping to make this happen.

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